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What is cognitive science?

Cognitive science investigates mental abilities such as perception, recognition, categorization, memory, reasoning, problem-solving, judgment, decision-making, language and communication. Studying common problems of mind, brain and behavior involves a variety of disciplines, including cognitive psychology, linguistics, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, philosophy, education, economics, nursing and pharmacy. The field is rooted in the humanities (philosophy and linguistics) with most research being conducted in the social sciences (communicative disorders, psychology and economics) and a future that connects with both computer science and neuroscience. Cognitive science has had a presence on campus for 25 years. This cluster will continue to create a community around the field and become a collaborative umbrella for interests in cognitive sciences. 

The cluster is currently comprised of faculty from Communicative Disorders, Computer Sciences, Educational Psychology, English, Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology. Undergraduate and graduate students are involved in classes and research in all of these departments — click on the sidebar links for more information.

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