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Keith Kluender

Keith Kluender

Dept. of Psychology
528 Psychology
(608) 262-9884 or
(608) 262-6110

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Research Keywords

perception, psycholinguistics, speech perception, auditory perception


  • Department of Psychology, Professor

Current Projects

  • Director, Wisconsin Speech Perception Laboratory

Research Collaborators

Research Statement

My students and I are working to better understand how people hear complex sounds such as speech and how experience shapes the way we hear our world. Our research questions have encouraged the use of many experimental tools. We study the performance of human listeners in a broad array of tasks, and we use animal subjects to control effects of experience. We also use neurophysiological recordings to reveal auditory processes, and computational simulations of hearing and learning. Although our emphasis is upon fundamental aspects of perception, our work is being extended to practical problems or computer speech recognition and hearing aid design.

Selected Publications

  • Kluender, K.R. & Kiefte, M. (2006). "Speech perception within a biologically-realistic information-theoretic framework." In M.A. Gernsbacher and M. Traxler (Eds.) Handbook of Psycholinguistics, pp 153-199. London, Elsevier.
  • Coady, J.A., Kluender, K.R., Evans, J. (2005). "Categorical perception of speech in children with specific language impairments." Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 48, 944-959.
  • Kluender, K.R., Lotto, A.J., & Holt, L.L. (2005). "Contributions of nonhuman animal models to understanding human speech perception." in S. Greenberg and W. Ainsworth (Eds.) Listening to Speech: An Auditory Perspective, pp. 203-220. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Publishers, Mahwah, NJ.
  • Kluender, K.R., Coady, J.A., & Kiefte, M. (2003). “Sensitivity to change in perception of speech.” Speech Communication, 41(1), 59-69.