Faculty profile

Yuri Miyamoto

Yuri Miyamoto

Dept. of Psychology
418 Psychology
(608) 890-1035


Research Keywords

social and cultural psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, sociology, anthropology


  • Department of Psychology, Assistant Professor

Current Projects

  • Director, Culture and Cognition Project

Representative Classes

  • Psych 930: Culture and Cognition

Research Statement

My research focuses on the interplay between cognitive processes and the socio-cultural environment. If one lives in interdependent social relationships with many role prescriptions (e.g., Asian societies), one needs to attend to role constraints and to the context. On the other hand, if one lives in a relatively independent social environment (e.g., Western societies), one may attend primarily to objects or one’s goals without being overly constrained by other people’s demands and needs. In order to elucidate the effects of culture on cognition, I study cultural variation in various social cognitive phenomena, including person perception, communication practices, emotional experiences, and basic attentional processes. In addition to demonstrating cultural variations, I am examining the mechanisms underlying such cultural differences by conducting priming studies and longitudinal studies. Furthermore, I am also interested in exploring how cultural variations in cognitive processes can shape and reconstruct the socio-cultural environment.

Selected Publications

  • Miyamoto, Y. & Schwarz, N. (2006). When conveying a message may hurt the relationship: Cultural differences in the difficulty of using an answering machine. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 42, 540-547.
  • Miyamoto, Y., Nisbett, R. E., & Masuda, T. (2006). Culture and the physical environment: Holistic versus analytic perceptual affordances. Psychological Science, 17, 113-119.
  • Nisbett, R. E. & Miyamoto, Y. (2005). The influence of culture: Holistic versus analytic perception. Trends in Cognitive Science, 9, 467-473.
  • Morling, B., Kitayama, S., & Miyamoto, Y. (2003). American and Japanese women use different coping strategies during normal pregnancy. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 29, 1533-1546.
  • Miyamoto, Y. & Kitayama, S. (2002). Cultural variation in correspondence bias: The critical role of attitude diagnosticity of socially constrained behavior. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 83, 1239-1248.
  • Morling, B., Kitayama, S., & Miyamoto, Y. (2002). Cultural practices emphasize influence in the U.S. and adjustment in Japan. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 28, 311-323.