Faculty profile

Brad Postle

Brad Postle

Dept. of Psychology
515 Psychology
(608) 262-4330

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Research Keywords

cognitive neuroscience, working memory, general fluid intelligence, attention, fMRI, rTMS


  • Department of Psychology, Associate Professor
  • Department of Psychiatry, affiliate
  • UW-Madison Institute on Aging, affiliate
  • Neuroscience Training Program, affiliate

Current Projects

  • Director, Postle Lab: A Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory

Research Collaborators

  • Giulio Tononi, Psychiatry
  • Todd Woodward, University of British Columbia

Representative Classes

  • Psych 697: Cognitive Neuroscience of Working Memory
  • Psych 733: Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory
  • Psych 414: Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
  • Psych 481: Honors Intro to Cognitive Psychology

Research Statement

Our interest in human memory and cognition encompasses the cognitive and neural bases of working memory, attention, control, intelligence, and nondeclarative memory. Topics motivating recent and current research include: the mediation of proactive interference in working memory; the relations between measures of working memory span, short-term memory span, executive control, and general fluid intelligence; the mental codes underlying visual working memory function; the neural bases of working memory storage; age-related differences in working and short-term memory performance; and the neural bases of pattern priming in Alzheimer's disease. Experimental methods employed in the laboratory include functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), behavioral testing with eye movement monitoring of healthy young adults, healthy elderly adults, and neurological patients, and fMRI-guided repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS).

Selected Publications

  • Postle, B.R. (2005). Delay-period activity in prefrontal cortex: one function is sensory gating. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 17, 1679-1690.
  • Postle, B.R., Idzikowski, C., Della Sala, S., Logie, R.H., and Baddeley, A.D. (2006). The selective disruption of spatial working memory by eye movements. The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 59, 100-120.
  • Postle, B.R. (2006). Working memory as an emergent property of the mind and brain. Neuroscience, 139, 23-38.
  • Postle, B.R., Ferrarelli, F., Hamidi, M., Feredoes, E., Massimini, Peterson, M., Alexander, A., and Tononi, G. (2006). Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation dissociates working memory manipulation from retention functions in prefrontal, but not posterior parietal, cortex. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 18, 1712-1722.
  • Feredoes, E., Tononi, G., and Postle, B.R. (2006). Direct evidence for a prefrontal contribution to the control of proactive interference in verbal working memory. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (USA), 103, 19530-19534.